Smoke Codes

Code Description
1 No Visual Impairment
Slight Odor of Smoke
2 Visible smoke present
Odor may or may not be present
3 Visible smoke with some visual impairment
Visibility greater than 500 feet
4 Visual impairment
Visibility 500 feet or less intermittently (for periods of one to two minutes)
5 Heavy smoke
Poor visibility
steadily 100 to 500 feet
6 Heavy smoke
Visibility less than 100 feet
7 Very heavy smoke
No Visibility

Readers Comments (1)

  1. 5 heavy smoke and ash falling from the sky and the trade winds are very high and have been all night. The smoke was so irritating to the eyes and lungs that tourists and locals alike are leaving the beaches. It is like a forest fire is nearby. My back porch and pool are full of ash and I have had to close up my house and put on the air to filter the air. For the last three days I have had burning eyes and throat and head aches from the cane burning.

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